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classy-casual, with a slight alternative edge




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Celebrity Twin 

Audrey Hepburn


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fully vaccinated, with booster



115 lbs

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Cosmetic Enhancements


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Montreal, Toronto, FMTY & travel 

The first thing people notice about me tends to be my striking visual presence; standing five feet ten inches with a slim, modelesqe figure, dark hair, and striking features,  I tend to turn heads walking down the street. Once people get to know me, they're usually shocked by how down to earth, easy going, playful, and easy to talk to I am. I love getting to know new people, sharing stories, learning from other's experiences, and connecting over shared interests. Although I'd probably classify myself as an extrovert, I crave time with those closest to me, and time alone, to recharge and relax. While I love a good party, I prefer to get together one on one, or gather in intimate, small groups, so, as you can probably imagine, companionship is a great fit for me socially.

Upon discovering I'm a companion, the first questions people ask me usually include why I became a companion and what in my life at the time motivated me to take the leap into the industry. Well,  my companionship journey started out of curiosity and a pursuit to lead the most fulfilling life possible, and, of course, a love of connecting intimately with new people. Just shy of a year after finishing my post-secondary education in political science, and making the move to Montreal, I was working my career job in digital media & design from home, really only leaving the house to run errands and occasionally engage in social activities. Don't get me wrong, I loved my career job, and I still do, but having companionship as part of my life has allowed me to indulge my outgoing, bubbly side that longs for good conversation and intimate connections, while providing me with opportunities to spend a great deal of time traveling and living abroad while working to pursue a degree more relevant to my current professional field. 

Although I love and deeply value my both professional and companionship lives, I value balance above all else, meaning I'm always careful to reserve plenty of time in my schedule to focus on my personal relationships and hobbies. When I'm not on the road, hopping from country to country, taking in the local cultural sites, sampling as much cuisine as possible, rock- climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing, I spend my ever fleeting free time at home, in Montreal, getting together with friends, working on personal creative projects, reading, cooking, practicing mixology, going to see niche films your friends would call you a hipster for attending, listening to podcasts, cooking, and visiting local art installations.

The experience I provide is based on creating an authentic, intimate connection, and comfortable environment. I bring a positive energy that has been described as contagious; my bright demeanour and laid back attitude accompany an unlikely balance of educated sophistication and sometimes awkward playfulness, guaranteed to put you at ease. My genuine touch, accepting presence, and eagerness to please are sure leave you fully mentally and physically satisfied.

I engage in this line of work to enhance both of our lives; I am highly discerning with my clientele, screening thoroughly to prioritize my safety, and ensure I am meeting with respectful, like-minded clients. Discretion is highly valuable to me, I will never share your information or details, and I expect the same courtesy to be afforded to me.

"Trying to forget something as intriguing as this would be an exercise in futility"