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I provide companionship to men, women, those who identify otherwise. I am also happy to meet with couples. I do not discriminate based on gender identity, race/origin, age, ability, body type or any other factor.


While I maintain my main residence in Montreal, I spend a great deal of time in NYC, and often travel internationally in my personal life, occasionally making myself available to select clients in my destination cities. If I do not have plans to visit you location, I am always happy to travel there just to meet with you, providing you cover the related expenses, or, if you would like to get away together, I am happy to accompany you on your business travels or vacation.

Please refer to your location for applicable availability, rates, and policies.

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Escape from the mundane with a kind, bubbly, understanding, and intelligent vixen, there solely to stimulate you mentally & physically; leaving you entirely satisfied.

My girlfriend experience (GFE) is an authentic, passionate encounter, focusing on genuine chemistry and intimacy. While I provide companionship to enhance both our lives, your pleasure is my priority, and turning your fantasies into reality is my delight. 



A twist on classic GFE, my "naughty GFE" is perfect for those looking to experience my truly wild side, combining the intimacy of a GFE date with the intensity of what is commonly referred to as a "porn star experience". 

Let me bring your wildest dreams into fruition with the ultimate adult film style fantasy, produced just for you, and enjoy certain "perks" only available with this style of date. Feel free inquire if you are interested in something specific, and I will let you know if it is something I tend to enjoy.

* this is not a code for unprotected sex, which is never on offer. 

** additional fees apply

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Wether you’re experienced with BDSM, kink, and/or fetish, or looking to try something new, I'm a passionate, engaged, attentive partner, comfortable in both submissive and dominant roles, who will work with you to establish both our boundaries and create a comfortable environment to explore your fantasies.​

* additional fees apply



Whether you’re a romantic couple or a couple of friends looking for someone to join you, I'm happy to meet with multiple clients of all gender combinations, including male/female, male/male, and female/female,  prioritizing the comfort and pleasure of all parties.

* additional fees apply

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