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I'm lucky enough to have flexibility with my "civie" job, so I am usually available for encounters from 10 AM-2AM, 7 days a week.

Please see the page appropriate to your location for details on when I will be available in town. While I provide detailed availably for my time in New York, my schedule tends to be a bit more flexible when I am in Montreal, so I do not publish day by day availability. 

If you have a general time & date you would like to see me, please send a complete booking inquiry, and I'll get back to you to arrange a time that works with both our schedules.  



Please fill out my booking form, or introduce yourself to me with a well- written request via email to or text to 438-300-7099 including:

  • your full name

  • place of residence

  • age

  • profession

  • the time, date, and location (city, incall or outcall) you would like to meet 

  • the amount of time you would like to spend together

  • any questions you may have

  • as many details as possible about what you would like from our encounter

Delays in response usually come from a lack of information in your booking request, as I prioritize responding to clients who provide all the necessary information in their initial contact. 

I put special effort into curating each & every rendezvous. The more information you provide me with, the more accommodating of your fantasies I can be.



In order to protect my safety and insure my comfort in our meeting, I require screening information.

Method 1 - References 

Please provide 2 verifiable references from established independent companions you have met previously, recent references are preferred. Please provide a links to their website, links to their ads, and their contact information. I must be able to verify your references come from real providers. 

Method 2 - Identity Verification 

If you do not have references, I will require information to verify your real world identity, which could be:

  • a photo of your government issued ID

  • a screenshot of your logged-in, established LinkedIn account 

  • a photo of your a photo of your company ID

  • a photo of your business card or link to your company website with verifiable information - I must be able to contact you via a method listed on your website or card

  • an email from your professional account, which can be sent to my discrete email address for this purpose

  • another method, in extenuating circumstances - contact me for details

All information shared will remain confidential, and I am willing to sign a NDA if necessary.



A 50% deposit is required for all New York, Europe, UK, fly-me-to-you, and travel bookings. 

Montreal meetings may require deposits, at my discretion, based on the screening method used and information provided, as well as the specifics of our meeting. Clients unable to provide recent references will usually be required to make a 25% deposit. 

Deposits from Canadian clients are payable via e-transfer. Deposits from American and international clients are payable via PayPal.  If you are unable to send a deposit via e-transfer or PayPal, I provide the option to make a deposit via cryptocurrency, with an additional fee, separate from the deposit. If you are unable to make a deposit with PayPal or cryptocurrency, I offer the option to mail cash via a tracked parcel or letter, however, you are responsible if the shipment is lost. 

Deposits must be sent within 72 hours of the confirmation of our meeting, or I may offer the time I had reserved for our meeting to a waitlisted client. If extenuating circumstances prevent you from sending the deposit within 72 hours , please make me aware when we confirm the meeting and make me aware of when I should expect it. 

Deposits are non-refundable in the case of a cancellation on your part, however, they are transferrable to our re-scheduled meeting. 



 As someone leading a multi-faceted life, my schedule tends to be quite busy, and I consider my time to be valuable. I'm grateful to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to plan my time to accommodate bookings, but this does require sacrifice on my part. As such, meetings cancelled with less than 48 hours  will incur a 50% cancelation fee & those cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 80% cancelation fee, payable by e-transfer or Paypal.

Please note, deposits are non-refundable in the case of a cancelation on your part, even if you give notice prior to 48 hours from the start time of our meeting; however, they are transferable to our re-scheduled meeting, for which you will be given priority in my schedule.


Meeting Etiquette

I strive to create a comfortable and intimate environment for all my clients, in return, I expect a clean environment, good hygiene, and a courteous attitude.​ 


Donations should be presented  at the beginning of our meeting. Please place the envelope in plain sight if we are meeting in private, or if we are meeting in public, place it inside a card, small gift, or book to conceal it.


I highly value discretion in this line of work, as I do maintain a professional life outside of companionship. As such, I will never share any details of our encounter with anyone, and expect the same courtesy to be afforded to me, meaning I expect you not to share details of our encounter, or any information I may share about myself, even with other companions you may meet.

During the portion of our date that takes place in a public setting (EX: restaurant, bar, etc) I ask that we abstain from overt or obscene public displays of affection, and that you do not mention that I am a companion, if  any questions or discussion relating to the fact that I am a companion happen to arise in a public setting, please navigate the topic and language surrounding it in the most discrete manner possible. 

Dates Over 3 Hours 

Meetings over 3 hours will require social element. 

Overnight bookings require a minimum of 7 hours uninterrupted sleep, and bookings 24 hours or longer require a minimum of 2 hours personal time per day for me to take care my personal grooming and get a quick workout in, in addition to 7 hours of sleep per night. 



Please note that I now have a strict no review policy, in order to be as discrete as possible; however, I do have reviews from patrons I met while I was still allowing them. 



Clients - Using Me As A Reference 

If you would like to use me as a reference, please contact me first to notify me by sending me an email in the existing thread related to our meeting. I prefer to provide references for clients I have met within the past year, however, I do understand that you may not meet companions frequently, or have taken a break from meeting companions due to the pandemic, so I may be willing to provide a reference for you outside of a one year timeframe, providing you do not use me often. If you use me as a reference often, especially after using me to meet with two companions after meeting me, I may consider it to be a red flag that you are unable to use them. 

Providers - Verifying References From Clients 

If you are a companion looking to verify a reference, please send me an email and/or text including the client's details and a link to your website and/or ads on a reputable platform - I must be able to verify you are an independent companion before providing you with any details on a client. Please do not fill out my booking form message me on twitter or any other social media or networking platform - I do not actively use them and there is a high probability I will not see your message.