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An Average Day "Off-Duty"

One of my clients' most common curiosities seems to be what I get up to on a day to day basis when I'm not travelling (for personal reasons) or meeting with a client for a date, which, if I'm being honest, is most days, as I meet with a limited number of clients in addition to my regular activities. When I write about the days I do meet with clients, you will probably notice that I fit my meetings and the preparation surrounding them in with the daily routine described in this post.

My days "off" may seem pretty mundane to most, and honestly, with my professional job and dedication to maintaining healthy habits, they can be; I'm what I would consider to be a pretty "normal" person, leading a pretty "normal" life outside of companionship, but, hey, I enjoy it!

Now, this is what I would consider to be an average weekday, and, of course, I do engage in social events and excursions not mentioned in this post, but I wouldn't consider them to be a part of what I get up to on an average day, so I'll talk more about that aspect of my life in other posts.

A Typical Day

I typically wake up around 6:00AM, make my bed, shower, brush my teeth, do my skincare routine, give my hair a quick blowout, pack my gym back, and make myself a matcha latte with almond milk, which I enjoy while I work on some coursework for my French classes and catch up on current events before I head to one of my favourite workout classes, pilates or barre- I tend to switch up my classes, as like to keep some variety in my workout routine.

After I finish my workout class, I head home, trying to incorporate as much walking as the time and weather allows into my commute, to enjoy the morning air and get some low-impact cardio in; I'll also usually stop by the market on the way home to pick up some fresh ingredients for the day's meals.

When I get home, I make myself breakfast, which almost always includes a home-made green juice, accompanied by either protein pancakes with greek yogurt and honey, whole grain avocado toast with scrambled eggs, or greek yogurt with granola, all paired with a latte with almond milk for a pre-work energy boost.

While I enjoy my breakfast, I take a look at my "civie work" schedule of meetings and plan out my time outside of meetings to work on projects independently. After breakfast, I attend my virtual french classes, which I'm taking through a university to improve my French in both social and business settings, for about an hour. After French class, I quickly refresh my appearance and head to work, which for me means logging onto my computer, as I work remotely, working all morning, sometimes into the mid-afternoon, when I take my lunch break.

I usually make one of my favourite lunches at home, meet a friend for lunch at one of my favourite neighbourhood cafes or restaurants, or have a picnic in the park when the weather is nice. When I cook at home, my lunches tend to vary on a day to day basis, depending on what I have in my fridge and what caught my eye at the market, but they are usually a variety of salad based meal. While I have lunch I usually take care of any companionship admin I need to get done, which usually includes getting back to emails.

After lunch I go back to work until the end of the work day, which can really vary in time depending on the day's workload, at which point I'll usually log off for the day, and, if I have a social engagement with friends, which usually includes a dinner, potentially paired with another activity like a concert, movie, comedy show, etc, I'll get ready for and go out to that engagement, which will usually take up most of my evening.

If I have a night to myself, I'll usually go for an after-work walk, then head home and make myself some dinner while I catch up on current events. My dinners tend to have more variety than my breakfasts and lunches, as I have more time to prepare them, but some of my current go-tos include spaghetti squash with pesto and shrimp, salmon paired with baked sweet potato and broccoli, shrimp "burrito bowls" with cauliflower rice, poke bowls with cauliflower rice, pasta made from chick peas and greens with arrabbiata sauce, and grain bowls, which are essentially just salads incorporating a grain, usually quinoa or farro, and a protein, usually salmon or to tofu.

After dinner I clean my kitchen and do a quick tidy of the rest of my house before taking care of any remaining chores, schoolwork, and/or companion related admin work (like writing this post), and move on to relaxing for the evening, which usually includes catching up on one of my favourite shows, maintaining virtual communications with friends, reading the book I'm currently powering through, doing some research and planning for my next trip, and maybe a bit of online shopping- if I have something I need to purchase for an upcoming event, date, photoshoot, or the seasonal change of my wardrobe.

I usually get ready for bed around the same, relatively early time, which for me includes stretching, taking a bath (I really love baths), doing my face & body skincare routines, brushing my teeth, and having a cup of herbal tea. As you can probably predict, when I finish my bedtime routine I head to bed for my beauty sleep.


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