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Where In The World Is Mia Wolfe? Upcoming Locations & Availability - Spring / Summer 2022

April & May - Montreal & Manhattan

While I maintain my main residence in Montreal, I travel often to Manhattan, NYC, and as such, I have decided to make myself available between both cities. Available in both locations for incalls and outcalls when I am scheduled to be in town, and off schedule in Manhattan by request for outcalls four hours or longer, with no additional travel expenses.

Upcoming Availability in Montreal & Manhattan


April 15-25

May 1-14

May 22 - June 1

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June & July - A Brief Interlude...

I will be taking a brief break from meeting clients from the First of June to the 28th of July.

July 28 to August 10 - Berlin, Amsterdam, & Paris

I will be making myself available for incalls and outcalls in Berlin (July 28 to August 2), Amsterdam (August 2-6), and Paris (August 6-10), with continued availability after the third of August , providing our date is five hours or longer.

August - Hey There EU, I'll Be In You! And Maybe You'll Be In Me?

I will have the absolute pleasure of being based in the EU this summer with availability to meet an extremely limited number of clients in August.

Rather than touring and making myself available in specific locations for short periods, I am available to travel to any (major) city in Europe and the United Kingdom, including but not limited to London, Paris, Istanbul, Rotterdam, Brussels, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Copenhagen, Stockholm, and Athens, as well as the Greek Islands, by request, for dates four hours or longer. Travel expenses are included in my rates for all major cities, however additional expenses may be required if you are located outside of the city, and you are responsible for arranging the location where we will spend our private time, whether it be your private residence or hotel.

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Always Available - Don't see me where you want me? Fly me to you!

I am happy to travel pretty much anywhere in the world to meet you in your home city, or to take a trip with you, providing there are no pandemic related restrictions preventing me from doing so; all you need to do is cover travel my travel expenses!

I determine the minimum duration of fly-me-to-you bookings by the flight time from my location at the time of our meeting, so, for example if I am in Montreal, the minimum duration for bookings within a 2 hour flight time from Montreal is four hours, and if I am in Paris, the minimum duration for a bookings with a flight time between 2 and 4 hours from Paris would be 6 hours.

  • flight time shorter than 2 hours from my current location - 4 hour minimum

  • flight time between 2 and 4 hours from my current location - 6 hour minimum

  • flight time between 4 and 8 hours from my current location - 8 hour minimum

  • flight time longer than 8 hours from my current location - 12 hour minimum

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