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Unfortunately, before we schedule out date and meet in person there are a few necessary logistical details I ask that you familiarize yourself with, as I prefer to get the business out of the way as soon as possible, so we can make the most of our time together. 

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In order to be as discrete as possible, I do not tolerate any mention of me on review boards, as I have had bad experiences with my personal details being shared publicly in the past, and have a general distaste for the culture; however, I do have reviews from patrons I met while I was still allowing them. 

If you would like me to publish your comments about our meeting on my website, I am happy to do so, just contact me in private with your testimonial and any board handles you may use and let me know!  


If you would like to use me as a reference, please contact me first to notify me by sending me an email in the existing thread related to our meeting. I prefer to provide references for clients I have met within the past year, however, I do understand that you may not meet companions frequently, or have taken a break from meeting companions due to the pandemic, so I may be willing to provide a reference for you outside of a one year timeframe, providing you do not use me often. If you use me as a reference often, especially if you have used me as a reference to meet with two companions after our meeting, I may consider it to be a red flag that you are unable to use them. 

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If you are a companion looking to verify a reference, please send me an email and/or text including the client's details and a link to your website and/or ads on a reputable platform - I must be able to verify you are an independent companion before providing you with any details on a client. Please do not fill out my booking form or message me on twitter or any other social media or networking platform - I do not actively monitor any platform other than my emails and texts, and there is a high probability I will not see your message.

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