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Have you read through my bio, policies, experiences, schedule and rates and are still curious and/or looking for additional information? Please do check out my frequently asked questions below or get in touch if your question is not answered on my website.


Perhaps you have all the information on me and logistics of a date with me and are interested in getting a glimpse of what a date with me is like from someone who has met with me in the past? In that case, please do feel free to jump down to my reviews, exclusively featured on my website, as I do not allow mention of me on review boards or ad platforms.



  • Where Will We Meet?
    I am happy to meet with you at your centrally located, upscale hotel or private residence. Although I have a preference for outcalls, incall meetings in Paris will be hosted at a private flat or hotel. All international incalls will be hosted at my centrally located upsacle hotel.
  • Do you offer duos, if so, who with?
    Yes, I love duos with women and men! I am happy to recommend someone or I'm also willing to work with your recommendation.
  • Do you have a cancellation policy?
    As someone leading a multi-faceted life, my schedule tends to be quite busy, and I consider my time to be valuable. I'm grateful to have a flexible work schedule that allows me to plan my time to accommodate meetings, but this does require sacrifice on my part; as such, meetings cancelled with less than 72 Hours will incur a 25% cancelation fee, meetings cancelled with less then 48 hours will incur a 50% cancelation fee, and those cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will incur a 80% cancelation fee. Please note, if I was able to arrange a same-day meeting with you and you cancel our meeting on the day of, it will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.
  • How Do You Prepare / Present For A Date?
    I put a great deal of time and effort into preparing for our meeting. From maintaining my appearance to preparing for our meeting, I put a great deal of effort into creating a unique experience for every encounter. It takes me 2-3 hours to prepare for a date, so I am seldom available for short notice encounters, even if my schedule allows for it. I generally present myself for dates in a classy-casual style with my own personal edge, while always remaining appropriately dressed for the environment of our encounter.
  • Do You Offer Travel Arrangements or Fly Me To You?
    As someone who is passionate about exploration, I set off on personal adventures often, and would be happy to travel to your city, or set off on an adventure together. I offer special rates for extended travel and fly me to you arrangements, inquire directly to plan our escape. I will gladly take care of our travel arrangements, or let you take the lead. You are responsible for my travel expenses, paid in full before my flight is purchased, as well as a 50% deposit on travel & FMTY bookings. Please note that I require business or first class train and plane tickets, so I can arrive to our meeting fresh and rested after a comfortable commute.
  • How Do I Know You're A Real Independent Companion?
    I have an extensive collection of photos unique to me, as well as established social media presences on Twitter & Instagram, although I don't currently update them. Although I don't advertise widely, I am verified on Preferred 411, IndyCompanion Montreal, Tryst, and 22 Burlington, all of which all require you to submit identification, an undoctored photo used in your advertising, and a candid photo proving you are the advertised independent companion.
  • Are You "All Natural"? Have You Had Any Cosmetic Enhancements?"
    I have never had an elective procedure, and I do not plan to get any in the future. The only body modifications I have are some small-medium artistic black linework tattoos, which are not visible under my street clothes. I make a point of dressing to conceal my tattoos on arrival to outcall dates, and during any time we spend together in public, unless previously specified before our date.
  • Do you have any pictures showing your face or tattoos? Can I see them before we meet?
    As discretion in this line of work is my priority, I will never publish any pictures revealing my face or tattoos. I keep this policy in order to protect my identity, as I maintain a professional career and travel frequently, and it's best for both of us that no one recognizes me as a companion when we are together. However, I may be willing to do a social video calls via a discrete account, using an encrypted service, prior to meeting in person; please see my virtual services for rates & details.
  • I notice you feature reviews from clients on your website, can I review or discuss you on "the boards"?
    I have worked very hard to maintain a flawless reputation and compile an extensive list of wonderful reviews. At this point in my companionship journey, I have developed a general distain for review board culture, and I value my privacy too much to allow for review board posts regarding me, however, I do feature my previous reviews on my website, and, if you would like me to publish your account of an experience with me, you may contact me directly.
  • What if you're unavailable, you're not in my price range, or you're just not my type? Can you recommend another companion?
    Unfortunately, I cannot recommend anyone specific, but there are many wonderful companions out there for you to choose from, and if I am unavailable during your preferred meeting date or time I will be sure to reach out with alternative options that I can make adjustments in my schedule to accommodate.
  • Who do you have to credit for your website, photos, and other branding material?
    Photos My "loft", "winter", and "spring" photo sets, shot in North America, are by the amazing photographer @photographe.elly My most recent "summer" photo set, shot in Europe, are by a fashion photographer friend who does not generally work with with companions, and who I will not publicly credit out of respect for his professional reputation, however, if you are a European companion looking for photos that enjoys mine, please do reach out to me for his information. My candids are by various friends, thanks guys. Website Designed and built by me Copy Written by me; although you may notice very similar copy used by other providers, I can assure you mine is original, as you may be able to ascertain from my unique writing style and tone that comes across in my copy and blog posts, as well as my copy’s cohesive construction and seamless and (hopefully) correct usage of words. Although, for the sake of the reputations of some of my friends in the industry, I have helped a few close friends with their copy and websites, so, although their copy and websites are unique to them, providing authentic descriptions of who they are as companions, you may notice similar design elements where I coped, pasted and slightly altered snipits of code when I got lazy, as well as my writing style carrying over, and/or some of my favourite overused phrases pop up if you are browsing multiple websites. Bonus points to you if you can figure out who my friends are from the Mia-isms; you should meet them, I think they are fantastic. ** If you're a provider looking for inspiration for your own branding and you like mine, please don't copy it, even if you change a few words or just take a few phrases, it never is as good as something you would write yourself; instead, please contact me and I would be happy to help you create something authentic to your unique brand **
  • I'm an independent provider looking for resources and I came across your site, can you help me out?
    While I recommend consulting resources like your local escort collective, for example, Indy Companion Montreal, I would be happy to help you out by directing you to information I have found useful, and/or answering any questions you may have about touring, safety, branding, etc, providing they are within reason. I have had help from a lot of really amazing providers along the way, and I'm happy to return the favour.

A taste of what's to come...

In order to be as discrete as possible, I do not tolerate any mention of me on review boards, as I have had bad experiences with my information being shared, and I have a general distaste for the culture; however, I have published testimonials from clients I have met in the past, as I understand you may value them when choosing a companion. While my review thread is now locked and cannot be added to due to my policy, a verification link can be provided on request.

If you would like me to publish your testimonial of our meeting on my website, I am happy to do so, just contact me with your comments, letting me know you would like me to publish them, and any provide any review board handles you use.


"I really like her, we click together since the first mins, she is such fun, always making jokes and smiling, she can easily makes anyone comfortable so i guess she is perfect for a novice.

A really good conversationalist and interesting person, having both some asian heritages and same passions for trips to asia and other common ground made it easy. she is tall and really cute, she has some nice tattoos on her body and small piercings on her nipples.


I won't go into details but I would say she knows how to please a man and she really enjoys doing it too. we love DFK each other too. Every time, she is like "I won't let you go" and we got some long minutes having passionate kisses before

I leave the room and say goodbye. 

Every time I got a session with her I smiled for days... I would love to meet her again soon."

シマエナガ  via

*thread locked by admins since I instated a no review policy


"Opened the door is a tall beautiful model. She does confirm she models in Asia. She is one naughty girl. Alright. Booked Mia and went to the location. Took the pre shower we had a talk before the session. 


Anyways. She is a sex devil. I think the last one that was as enthusiastic was the energizer bunny LexxiShe even said. Let’s take advantage of your package, it’s been a while I had something to entertain myself with Anyways. We did it all. Cowgirl. Reverse. Doggy, Mish Etc.At the end. We probably did it for almost 40+ minutes. Heated and all. Once over we talked more.


Anyways. You guys should see her. She has smarts. The body and the looks. She is a sexual fiend and is good at it . I’ll see her again when I have the time."

schlong via

*thread locked by admins since I instated a no review policy


"I met Mia at the VIP party in July, and was impressed by her appearance, her face and short brunette hair and personality reminded me of a tall Audrey Hepburn.

I finally got an opportunity to take her for a spin around the block. She has several tattoos not visible beneath her street clothes. Anyway, we had a great connection and service was outstanding. We did an angel roleplay where she played the part of an angel welcoming me to what do you do in heaven all day anyway? For those who are so inclined, you have heavenly sex! I’m definitely repeating with her."

rumraycer via

*thread locked by admins since I instated a no review policy


"So I took your advice and booked the lovely Mia for 90 minutes. She showed up right on time, and wow! This is a very pretty girl. And what a great body. Her bum is divine. Anyhow, I had some bubbly and she was definitely appreciative. We started talking for a bit and she stopped and told me, point blank, if you want me to shut up, just put something in my mouth. And off we went! She has great BBJ skills, it shows she has an oral fixation as she told me. After that, a little DATY, and that was excellent. She was responsive and seemed to enjoy herself. After that, on goes the hat and she climbed on top and damn. What a view, looking up at her lovely breasts as she went to town. We tried several different positions, overall I had a great time. Mia definitely put me at ease but at the same time excited the hell out of me. I ended up booking her for a two hour session the next evening so from that you can probably gather I enjoyed myself. I won't do numbers or anything but I will definitely repeat in the future. No doubt."

montbill via

*thread locked by admins since I instated a no review policy


"Based on the reviews here I decided to book an outcall session with Mia despite her "not being my usual type", and oh my god am I ever glad that I did. I've been wanting to line up an extended outcall in a nice hotel for a while now and finally had the time and hotel to do it on a recent trip to Montreal... just needed to find the right girl. I normally don't go for the "suicide girl" type, or they don't go for me, or something, but I decided to take a chance anyway.


Right from the first emails we got on like a house on fire and I knew that we would get along great in a way that I never have with an SP. Sure enough, when she showed up at the bar around the corner from my hotel it was like being reunited with an old friend. She is just the right level of bubbly and geeky for me and certainly has no shortage of things to say, but I also never felt like she was talking too much (or at inappropriate times, which I've experienced in the past). I'm generally fairly shy and quiet but had no problem discussing anything and everything with her, including a few, uhhhh, "special requests" which I won't spell out here as I got the sense that at least one was not always available but suffice it to say she is very open minded and you can probably discuss anything with her.


We went back to my room and enjoyed a bit of bubbly and a bit more conversation and got things going. She was wearing some very sexy underwear and we de-clothed each other and enjoyed some LFK/DFK and then moved on to DATY and CBJ (the C was at my request... BBBJ was on offer) which we both enjoyed thoroughly and swapped back and forth a few times with a bit of 69 thrown in. She was receptive and enjoyed DATY a lot... if she was faking she was very good at faking. She has great hygiene and a nice Y. Her ass really is fantastic and she is thin and tall without being bony somehow. A real turn on for me. Her tattoos and piercings are all small and discreet... can pretend they aren't there for the most part. From there the details got fuzzy but we moved on to requests, which involved some toys (which she brought), CG, more bubbly, more DATY, laughter, Miah moving a giant mirror into place so I could better enjoy the view, and we finished in doggy after making sure to get everything on my list. All throughout she kept up the same energy and enthusiasm, and let me know when time was running out without being pushy or watching the clock. After that we had a shower together and she got dressed and I walked her out of the building, stopping to take a photo or two in the hotel decor.


All in all it was like a fantasy date with a hot sex-devil, and I actually got to try a couple of firsts! I'm already scheming how I can get back to Montreal to see her again ASAP.... thank god she doesn't live in Toronto or it would be game over for me.


She totally redefined what I thought I was looking for in this hobby..... a gem!

* matted via

thread locked by admins since I instated a no review policy

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