Gifts are not mandatory, nor are they expected, however, they are always appreciated. Those who choose to contribute to my lingerie collection or shoots will receive exclusive RAWs. E-giftcards can be sent to; most stores mentioned below offer online giftcards, please purchase on the Canadian site when possible.


While the list below is of things I enjoy already, all gifts are appreciated; I always enjoy trying new things and appreciate surprises. If you would like a list of goods I currently have my eye on, please inquire. 



  • Agent Provocateur- Giftcard

  • Aritzia- Giftcard

  • Bordelle- Giftcard

  • Edge-o-Beyond - Giftcard

  • Holt Renfrew- Giftcard 

  • Net-A-Porter- Giftcard

  • Studio PIA- Giftcard


  • Bath Bombs 

  • Etiket Boutique - Giftcard

  • LUSH - Giftcard

  • Pharmaprix - Giftcard

  • Sephora - Giftcard

  • Victoria Park MediSpa - Giftcard


  • Champagne

  • Dry White Wine ( < 4g sugar/ l)

  • Bourbon

  • Gin 

  • Iced Chai Latte or Dirty Chai with Almond Milk

  • Iced Latte w/ Almond Milk

  • Kombucha 

  • Iced Matcha 

  • Double espresso lungo 


  • - Giftcard

  • All Modern - Giftcard

  • Article  - Giftcard

  • Design Within Reach - GC

  • Plants & Flowers

  • Scented candles 

  • Plant Collective  - Giftcard

  • Winners - Giftcar


  • Allez Up- Giftcard

  • Air Canada- Giftcard

  • Bota Bota- Giftcard

  • Giftcard

  • DeSeres- Giftcard

  • Espace Thomas- Giftcard

  • Four Seasons Spa - Giftcard

  • Spa St James - Giftcard

  • Spa Scandanave- Giftcard

Edible Treats

  • Please insure any food items do not contain meat ingredients, fish is ok!

  • Some of my favorites are Oysters, Sashimi, Salmon Tartare, Hummus & Veggies, Matcha Cheesecake, Macarons, Starbucks Petite Vanilla Scone, Soft Amaretti Cookies


I really like her, we click together since the first mins, she is such fun, always making jokes and smiling, she can easily makes anyone comfortable so i guess she is perfect for a novice.

A really good conversationalist and interesting person, having both some asian heritages and same passions for trips to asia and other common ground made it easy. she is tall and really cute, she has some nice tattoos on her body and small piercings on her nipples.


I won't go into details but I would say she knows how to please a man and she really enjoys doing it too. we love DFK each other too. Every time, she is like "I won't let you go" and we got some long minutes having passionate kisses before

I leave the room and say goodbye. 

Every time I got a session with her I smiled for days... I would love to meet her again soon.