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My experience as a companion has taught me that the best dates come when potential lovers have an in depth understanding of who they're going to be spending time with, so, in order to ensure I am meeting with the most compatible matches possible, I choose to share a fair amount of information about my personality, lifestyle, and outlook on companionship, as ideally, we would both have the best possible experience during our time together, so, without further adieu, I present my biography; seriously- I accidentally wrote a short novella about myself, so please enjoy it, or feel free to copy and paste it into an AI summarizer if you're not feeling reading the whole thing. 



AGE   Early 20s

HEIGHT   5'10 / 178 cm 

WEIGHT   117 lbs / 53 kg

FIGURE   32C-24-34 

slim & toned with soft yet chiselled curves

ETHNICITY   Mediterranean / Asian Mixed.

Extremely ethnically ambiguous

CELEBRITY TWINS   Young Natalie Portman. Not "Léon: The Professional" young, think more her "Closer" era. I have also been compared to Audrey Hepburn, although my eyes are obviously smaller, yet similarly striking, and to Jennifer Lawrence, although I don't see the resemblance, apparently it is there, as I have received this comparison on multiple occasions. 

HAIR STYLE   Black, collar / shoulder length with medium length bangs. Styled straight with a blowout for a sleek voluminous look. 



GROOMING   Natural makeup, only worn to perfect and enhance my features, occasionally with a red lip. Short red, burgundy, or neutral manicure and pedicure. No body hair.


PIERCINGS   Ears, no facial piercings.

TATTOOS   Several small to medium artistic black ink linework tattoos in various locations, not visible in my street clothes, and always covered on public dates & arrival to outcalls, unless otherwise specified beforehand.

STYLE   Classically elegant minimalist, with modern inspiration and a personal edge that could be considered slightly alternative (see my "Treat Me" page for my favourite designers, for an idea of my fashion taste). I tend to dress in a relatively conservative yet still flattering manner, always dressed appropriately for the setting and location of our date, and to your reasonable request.  

bodysuit 5.jpg


VACCINATION STATUS   Fully vaccinated for COVID (with boosters) and for Monkeypox, as well as all other vaccines including Hepatitis and HPV. I hold an EU health pass valid for venues &  travel. 

NON-SMOKING   I do not smoke cigarettes or cannabis in my personal life or on dates, but I do not mind if you partake in either. 

ALCOHOL & SUBSTANCES   While I am generally not a big drinker, I enjoy sharing a few social drinks on dates, however, I am not someone who enjoys being excessively inebriated, and I do not use illegal substances. I will never arrive to a date under the influence.

DIET   While I stick to a healthy diet in my day-to-day life, I am happy to indulge on dates, following a flexible pescatarian diet focusing on vegetables and seafood, although I do make exceptions for meat when indulging, especially on dates. 

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a life in four chapters

dress 232.jpg



On The Inside & Outside, In Myself & Others

The first thing people notice about me tends to be my striking visual presence; standing five feet ten inches with a slim, modelesqe figure, dark hair, and the soft yet striking facial features valued by fashion casting directors, I tend to turn heads walking down the street.


While I have been told my vibe can come off as a bit intimidating before people have an conversation with me, the feedback I have received from those who have gotten to know me is that they generally tend to be pleasantly surprised by how welcoming, down to earth, easy going, playful, empathetic, genuine, positive, fun, and easy to talk to I am. 

My friends describe me as a "sunshine person", who is somehow too sweet for this world, while simultaneously being a very analytical and intuitive person, who has a solid sense of herself, and who gains immense satisfaction from completing her goals, and an equal sense of joy from bringing joy to other people. Those close to me know I am someone who loves to socialize and be around other people, and that when we dedicate time to an activity or spending time together I will be fully present and engaged, but they also respect that I know my social limits, and that I will always make time for my personal and professional passions, so, if you were to ask them to draw a charature of me, it would be of me on my laptop in the periphery of a casual hangout, blasting techno though my headphones- intensely focused on a project, before re-joining the conversation; I know because they made me doing exactly that into an ever evolving meme within our group chat.


Unsure if I would classify myself as an extrovert or an introvert, I'm the kind of person who enjoys getting to know new people, however, I highly value time with those closest to me, as well as time alone to recharge my battery, and, while I love a good party, I prefer to get together one on one, or gather in intimate, small groups, as I find it most conducive to forging the authentic connections I value, so, as you can probably imagine, companionship is a perfect fit for me socially.

I genuinely adore getting to know new people, with a real interest in learning from others' experiences, exchanging stories, connecting over our shared interests and viewpoints, and discovering our common ground and perspectives, no matter how different our backgrounds may be.


My Personal Journey As A Companion & Creative


Upon discovering my secret identity as a companion, the first questions people tend ask me usually include "Why did you become a companion?" and "What in your life at the time motivated you to take the leap into the industry?". 


Well, simply put, my companionship journey started out of curiosity, a pursuit to lead the most fulfilling life possible, and, of course, a love of connecting intimately with new people.


Just shy of a year after finishing my post-secondary education in the political science and legal fields, I made the move to Montreal and began working my career tech job, slowly shifting my role from the technical to creative side, with a focus in digital media & design, I became extremely career focused, prioritizing work over the hobbies and socializing I had previously allowed to take over my calendar. With a remote position, I was working long hours from home, rarely allowing myself to get out of my house, which, over time, proved to become quite isolating, as I'm sure more people can probably relate to now- after the pandemic provided a similar experience to many not previously in my circumstances.


Don't get me wrong, I loved my career job then, and I still do; I'm very lucky to have found a niche, working for myself, in a field conducive to a flexible schedule that I can work from anywhere in the world that allows me to adapt my professional trajectory as I further develop my skills and discover my interests, while working with a variety of clients across industries on new projects that keep me stimulated, while providing me an outlet for my creative side and allowing me opportunities to continuously develop my skillset, which I am extremely grateful for,  especially considering I come from a liberal arts and legal educational background, but being a companion has  become an invaluable part of my life; giving me the ability  to maintain a financial safety net that allows me to take risks in my professional career- which luckily have payed off so far, but also with a much needed outlet to indulge my outgoing, bubbly side that longs for good conversation and intimate connections, while providing me with opportunities to spend a great deal of time traveling and living abroad, while continuing to pursue education, professional, and personal development opportunities more relevant to my current professional field and long-term goals. 

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dress 233 edit .jpg



Gaining Pleasure From Providing Pleasure 

If you asked current Mia why she chose to be a companion, she would answer with the same consistent yet honest reasons as when she started, but if you asked her why she chose to re-enter and continue to pursue companionship years later, after a hiatus for a global pandemic, a lifetime's worth of unforgettable experiences, and a well rounded perspective on the subject brought about only by age and experience, she would tell you the truth, in the simplest way she can phrase it- that she values companionship for the much needed outlet and motivation to indulge in her pleasures and explore new experiences, in a discrete manner with clear expectations for everyone involved that being a companion provides for her, which may be,  in fact, quite similar to the outlet it provides her lovers, or so she has been told. 

For her, companionship is the is an ever evolving adventure, with new and exciting opportunities to anticipate, falling within the clear boundaries that she deeply values; the boundaries that allow her to bring her most care-free, spontaneous, and authentic self to the table, in order to have unique, unforgettable experiences with the lovers she chooses to meet, entering a date with the mutual expectation that the best possible time will be had together, with no strings attached, and an absolute understanding of discretion, as, after all, they really are just two (or maybe more) people looking to have a sweet (and, potentially, spicy) escape from their everyday lives, taking time solely to indulge in their desires, and in each-other. 

The experience I provide is based on creating an authentic, intimate connection, built on mutual attraction and trust, best established with sufficient time to get to know each-other in the comfortable environment that I have become an expert at fostering; as I have become more in touch with myself- becoming more aware of my own needs in these situations over time, and learning from the experiences and feedback that others have so graciously shared with me during conversations accidentally turned to deep discussions surrounding  human connection.


While I am sure to be considerate of the needs and desires of my dates, prioritizing their experience, I bring my genuine self to dates. I have never been good at being anyone but me or hiding behind a persona, as a companion or in my personal or professional lives, and I believe sharing our genuine selves brings connections that create a real, albeit sometimes inevitably brief, relationship that allows for us to share a sensual, intimate, and exploratory experience we are both fully comfortable and immersed in, although I do believe that companionship holds a certain magic that allows us to become whichever side of ourself  we want to during our date.


I possess a positive energy that has been described as contagious and a skill for focusing the little escape from our day-to-day life that is our time together, no matter what may be going on in our busy lives outside of our date. Over time I have learned the importance of living in the moment, and have become quite good at allowing myself to be fully present in and fully appreciate pleasurable events, like, for example our time together, and I deeply value my ability to engage the person I am sharing those moments with in being fully immersed with me.


My bright demeanour and laid back attitude accompany an unlikely balance of educated sophistication and (sometimes awkward) playfulness, sometimes referred to as "quirkiness", guaranteed to put you at ease, which, in combination with my genuine touch, accepting presence, and eagerness to please, are sure leave you both mentally and physically satisfied. I love the ability to create an environment that allows me to provide people with happiness, intimacy, and unforgettable memories that companionship provides for me. I take genuine pleasure from providing a unique pleasurable experience to those I meet with, and deeply appreciate the trust put in me to provide those experiences. 

I engage in this line of work to enhance both of our lives; I am highly discerning with my clientele, screening thoroughly to prioritize my safety, and ensure I am meeting with a select number of respectful, like-minded clients. Discretion is highly valuable to me, I will never share your information or any details of our meeting, and I expect the same courtesy to be afforded to me.


Harmony Of Companionship,

Career, & Self 

Achieving Balance Between Life's Pleasures 

Although I love and deeply value both my "professional" career and companionship lives, I value balance above all else, meaning I'm always careful to reserve plenty of time in my schedule to focus on my personal relationships, hobbies, and travel; as, as they say, you can't have too much of a good thing. 


Before the pandemic, I spent most of my time travelling the world, with stints living and working abroad in various countries across the globe, with a special place in my heart and a majority of my time spent East Asia, with extended periods in Hong Kong, China, Japan, and Singapore, followed by periods dedicated to travelling around South-East Asia, Oceania, and the rest of the world, experiencing as many places as possible, hopping from country to country, visiting and learning about the cultural sites, historical sites, and museums, sampling as much local cuisine as possible, rock climbing, scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing, spending time both in and outside of major cities, immersing myself in the local culture as much as possible, while making some truly incredible lifelong friends along the way.


To say I am overjoyed that pandemic related travel restrictions are easing, if not finally ending, and I'm able to get back on the figurative road (literal airplane) again would be a massive understatement. Returning to living in Europe and travelling the world this year brought the "spark" that the pandemic admittedly took out of me back, and I am excited beyond belief for my upcoming international adventures, and my new life in France, having made the permanent move to Paris in 2022, after spending time between Europe and North America for the past few years.

AfterlightImage 22.JPG

When at home in Paris, I spend my ever fleeting free time split between my two lives - the "normal" girl who spends time socializing with my friends, enjoying her hobbies, and taking time to focus on herself, and the woman who's hedonistic escapades and intimate dalliances must remain our little secrets. 


I am beyond lucky to have an amazing group of friends who enjoy the same activities as I do, including dinner parties- which I love to host and cook elaborate meals for, picnics in the cities many parks, attending live comedy and music (especially techno) events, sourcing unique vintage designer fashion and interior pieces, keeping up with local art installations, exhibits, shows, and the gallery scene, going to the cinema for showings of niche films your friends would probably call you a hipster (or bobo for the Frenchies) for attending, and frequenting Paris' extensive, diverse offering of restaurants- trying as many new places as possible while making sure to frequent my tried and true favourites. 


As much as I love socializing, both with my personal friends and with lovers such as yourself, I highly value my personal time, not only to recharge my social battery and engage in the activities I enjoy, but to take care of myself, which, for me, is not only maintaining my appearance, but also my mental and physical health, and constantly working on personal development and improvement in pursuit of the version of myself, all of which the pandemic emphasized the importance of. My favourite methods I have found effective in achieving these personal goals are attending my favourite workout classes (pilates, barre, & yoga) on a daily basis, working on personal creative projects, listening to podcasts and reading books- for both educational and entertainment value, taking time to cook nutritious yet delicious meals and try new recipes, regularly visiting the spa, improving my language skills, including French, which I am currently studying via a university in order to develop my communication in social situations and the workplace, although I don't know if I will ever consider myself fully fluent, and putting time and effort into new crafts, skills, and hobbies that interest me through taking new courses and teaching myself new skills through hands on projects. 

And then, of course, there's the my time as a companion, set aside to indulge the part of me that craves the adrenaline, anticipation, and thrill of meeting a new lover, and the excitement that comes when a connection built on good conversation, sharing our personal experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, bonding over our mutual interests and shared view-points, fuelled by compatible personality traits and shared desires, as we take the time to get to know each other in privacy, or in a public setting over a glass of wine, meal, or activity, and the anticipation and coy glances that come with knowing that very soon we'll give in to our carnal pleasures. 

Learn more about me, my daily life, and my on my blog



To Be Continued...

Hopefully With You?

P.S. As a disclaimer, for those who get the very random and unrelated piece of media that the layout of my biography is very vaguely referencing, this story will not end in me committing seppuku, however, it may involve me having my insides rearranged in another way. 


And with that tasteless, inappropriate, and yet unfortunately on-brand for me joke that a small percentage of people will appreciate or find humour in, yet I found funny enough to publish on my website, I will see myself out- with a note that I promise I am funnier in person.





Shot in Europe. Inquire for photographer credit.



Shot in Montreal with @photographe.elly



Shot in Montreal with @photographe.elly



Shot in Montreal with @photographe.elly

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A collection of non-professional pictures.

Shot 2018-Present in Multiple International Locations.

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