If I do not tour or offer by request bookings in your location, I am happy to travel to you just for our our date, or, if you would like to get away from home, I would love to take a trip together, providing you cover my travel expenses, including business or first class flights or train, a five star hotel or other upscale accommodation, transportation to and from the airport, meals, and any other expenses associated with our meeting that may arise.


All fly-me-to-you and travel bookings require a minimum of one week advance booking & a deposit. 

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Rates for FMTY & travel dates within Canada are listed in CAD. 

Rates for FMTY & travel dates outside of Canada (USA & international) are listed in  USD, payable in USD or equivalent local currency.


4 Hours 

*only available for destinations within 2 hours flight time from my  location


6 Hours  

*minimum for destinations within 2-4 hours flight time from my location


8 Hours  

*minimum for destinations > 4 hours flight time from my location 


12 Hour Day or 14 Hour Overnight 

*minimum for destinations > 8 hours flight time from my location 


24 Hours - Day & Overnight 


48 Hours - Two Days & Overnights


72 Hours - Three Days & Overnights


Additional Day 

+ $4000 / day

Extended Dates