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I'm so happy you're interested in getting in touch!


Before reaching out, please make sure you have familiarized yourself with my policies and rates, keeping in mind that I will require some form of screening information, as I do not respond to incomplete inquiries or those regarding information that can be found on my website. If you have any remaining questions that are not answered here, or if you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to reach out. ​


While I prefer that you fill out my booking form to ensure you have provided all required information, allowing me to get back to you ASAP to confirm our date, you are also welcome to arrange a date via an email to, providing you send a complete inquiry, including your full name, contact information, preferred screening method, and the logistical details of our meeting, including your preference(s) for the date, start time, duration, and location (city, incall/outcall). ​


Please do not attempt to contact me via my social media or advertising platforms, as I do not monitor communications other than my email. ​ ​ ​

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