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I'm lucky enough to have flexibility with my "civie" job, so I am usually available for encounters from 10 AM-2AM, 7 days a week, providing our meeting is scheduled in advance with sufficient notice. 

Please see the page appropriate to your location for details on when I will be available in town. While I provide detailed availably for my time in New York, my schedule tends to be a bit more flexible when I am in Montreal, so I do not publish day by day availability. 

If you have a general time & date you would like to see me, please send a complete booking inquiry with your preferred meeting time(s) and date(s), and I will get back to you to arrange a time that works with both our schedules.  


While I prefer meetings to be booked three to seven days in advance, with even more notice if possible, I may be able to accommodate bookings arranged with an absolute minimum of 24 hours notice, however, I highly recommend arranging our meeting as far in advance as possible, as I take a limited number of dates and my schedule tends to fill up quickly.

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On the rare occasion I am able to schedule a day-of meeting, I am unable to accommodate same-day meetings with new clients, unless you have provided verifiable screening information to me in the past.


Known or pre-screened clients may try their luck with a same-day meeting, however, there is a 99% chance I will not be able to accommodate short notice bookings, and on the off chance I am able to accommodate a same-day booking, I require an additional $500 "rush fee". 



I unable to accommodate meetings beginning after 11:00PM. 


Meetings ending after midnight require an additional $100 per hour fee for each hour after midnight, and you will be required to cover the expenses of a car home if we are meeting at your hotel or residence. 

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