I offer virtual meetings, via an encrypted messaging and/or (video) calling application, for clients that are unable to meet in person, or would like to get to know each-other a bit before we do. 

My listed video calling rates are for social calls only, which do not include nudity of any kind on my part. 


Video calls including intimacy require an additional fee, screening information, and a unilateral NDA.


Phone Call 

$100 per 15 minutes

Video Call 

$200 per 15 minutes

1 Hour Sexting


*does not include photos & voice memos, but you can send me photos

Premium Sexting

$250 per hour

*includes custom photos & voice memos


$100 per day

*answered throughout the day, at my convenience

Virtual Girlfriend


*includes daily texting, 3 hours sexting, 1 hour video call

VIP Virtual Girlfriend


*includes unlimited texting & sexting, 3 hours video calling

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