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A Woman Living In Paris With A Flexible Schedule & Love Of Travel - Explanation Of By-Request Dates

I know my availability in cities outside of Paris may be confusing, so, let me break it down. No, I do not tour Europe, London, or Switzerland, and any advertised tour dates are just to make you I am aware I could be available in your city, although I will not be present there without your request, but, yes, I am available meet you in a city outside of Paris, without your responsibility for the travel fees or expenses affiliated with a traditional Fly-Me-To-You date.

One of my favourite things about living in Europe is the accessibility, ease, and affordability of travel within the European Union, and to our "sister countries" of England & Switzerland.

With the privileges of holding multiple high-powered passports and being self employed in my professional career, I am able to take advantage of the ease of travel that comes with living in Paris, which allows me to make myself available to visit London, Switzerland, and any major European city, providing it is accessible by regularly scheduled plane or train travel, for any date four hours or longer.

As a career-oriented person who spends a large portion of her time working from home, while I am always sure to leave time to enjoy time myself and my friends in Paris, I do value the opportunity to get out of the city and take a "mini-vacation" for dates, which is why I am happy to offer by-request dates with no additional travel fees or expenses on your part, aside from my request that you arrange the location where we will meet, whether it be your home or hotel, and, if we are not spending the night together and our date ends after the last plane or train back to Paris from our meeting location and I am required to spend the night in your city, I will ask that you cover the cost of a hotel room where I can spend the night before returning to Paris. Additionally, in the rare circumstance that travel expenses are unusually and prohibitively high on your requested date, I will reach out to you to see if another date is possible where they are more in line with the average is possible, or to arrange an agreement where you take responsibility for the difference, although this is a rare occurrence, I l don't want there to be any surprises.

Now, you may be wondering how this differs from a tour or a classic "fly-me-to-you" date, well, it is similar, but easiest way to explain it is that, like a classic "fly-me-to-you" I am travelling to your location to meet with you, giving you the same flexibility to choose the date and time that work best for you, except you are not responsible for any of the additional fees and travel expenses that you would be with a classic "fly-me-to-you", and with a tour, while you would not be responsible for any additional travel fees or expenses, my availability would be within the specific dates I am in a given location, built around my other obligations while in the city. Essentially, it's the best of both worlds?

Interested? Take a look at my compensation breakdown for your location on my rates page, or, for ease, below.





​4 Hour Lunch or Dinner



CHF 3,500

6 Hour Lunch or Dinner



CHF 4,500

8 Hour Day Or Evening



CHF 5,500

​12 Hour Day or 14 Hour Overnight



CHF 6,500

​24 Hour - Day & Night



CHF 8,500

​48 Hours - 2 Days



CHF 14,000

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