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A Fully-Booked Tour, An Insane End Of Year, & An Uncertain Future

First of all, I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the amazing clients I have met so far on my ongoing fully-booked companionship tour of New York, San Francisco, Vancouver and Montreal. You made what would have been an overall mundane business trip for my professional job a truly memorable experience with many special moments I will never forget.

With a fully-booked companionship schedule until the 21st of December, in combination with my professional job, the recent launches of two of my business ventures, the lead-up to the launch of my third business, and attempts to take time for myself and to spend time with friends, I have quite a bit on my plate, and, as such, may be a little slower than usual in responding to inquiries, although I am doing my best to keep up with client communications.

If you haven't heard back from me regarding an upcoming meeting, please feel free to follow up with me in the same email chain, or send me a message via text or telegram. If you have not yet filled out my booking form, and I have not replied to your inquiry, I ask that you submit a complete booking request via my form before following up with me via email or message, as my lack of response may come from a lack of information in your initial inquiry.

With so much on my plate and up in the air right now, figuring out my upcoming travel schedule is proving to be a challenging task, so, if you would like to meet me in a particular city, please do let me know at your earliest convenience, so I am able to do my best to make our date possible, taking your interest into account when arranging my travel dates and locations.

I wish you an amazing holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, or if you don't celebrate at all!



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