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Explaining My Preference For Longer Dates

While your pleasure is my priority during our time together, I engage in this lifestyle to enhance both our lives, meaning I prioritize dates that I will find genuinely enjoyable, with like-minded suitors who also value unique culinary and cultural experiences enjoyed with the right company.

As someone leading a full life outside of companionship, I make myself available to a limited number of clients, so, as I'm sure you can probably relate to, as I imagine you too are a busy individual seeking a quality experience, I like to make the most of my time with those I do meet, and, as you may have noticed, my rates are scaled to reflect that preference. As the old adage says, quality over quantity.

While a quick reunion with an established lover is all in good fun, I believe that in order to provide the most authentic experience possible longer meetings that provide unrushed time for us to get know each other and develop our relationship are essential, as I find the best connections, based on emotional intimacy and authenticity, are forged and rekindled outside of the bedroom, and that the existing chemistry and anticipation built during the social aspect of our meeting transfers to immensely pleasurable intimate time when we finally do get behind closed doors. There's a reason the saying is "a night to remember", not "an hour to remember", although I can assure you that every hour spent with me is indeed a memorable one.

Additionally, I find that clients who book shorter meetings often end up extending our time together; it's disappointing for both of us when I'm unable to fit an extension into my schedule, and having that longer encounter scheduled in advance will allow us to make the most of our time together.


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